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DI (color/LEA) 受注生産品

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【サイズ】1200mm×600mm 厚み 25mm
【素材】ニュージーランドウール / 英国山岳羊毛
ハンドタフテッドラグ / 日本製





For overseas,we will send by EMS.
Since we do not engage in customs duties by country,
Please order after consent.

“DI” is designed so that two people naturally sit facing each other - great for two people to converse.

【SIZE】1200mm×600mm Total Height: 25mm
【MATERIAL】Fibre: New Zealand Wool+British Wool
【Technique】Hand Tufted
 made in Kyoto (JAPAN)

☆This product is made to order.
☆Usually we will ship within 60 days after confirming payment. However, depending on the time, it may take longer than usual.
☆Because the product is produced by order production, cancel after ordering, returned goods after shipment can not be accepted. Before ordering please confirm that there is no mistake in the color etc... of your choice.

・This product is a hand-tufted rug that craftmen of Kyoto carefully finished one by one.
・It is a three-dimensional rug with a bowl shape that gradually becomes lower toward the center of the circle so that it fits into the buttocks.
・Because it is 100% wool material, it does not get sticky with sweat due to the humidity control effect in the summer, and it has a warming effect in winter.
・Because it is a rug packed with yarn firmly, it is hard to get over, and you can patronize it long time if you use it with care.
・Wool has its original water repellent effect, it is strong against dirt, and even if you spill something you can remove it with immediate action.
・Washing in the washing machine is not recommended. If you want to wash please consult a specialist.

※Please refer to the enclosed instruction manual for the detailed maintenance method.
※The color of the image and the color of the actual product are somewhat different depending on the viewing environment.
※Because it is all handmade, there are some differences for each item.

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¥93,500 tax included